Sustainability Management

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

Main Activities

Strengthening Environmental Management for Future Generations

DGB Financial Group is carrying out various different activities for the purpose of minimizing the environmental effects caused by its management activities.

DGB’s cyber green branch

As the first domestic financial institution, Daegu Bank opened the Cyber Green branch as a specialized organ of the Internet-based environment sector in 2010.

This branch deals only with environment-related financial products such as eco-friendly receivables, loans, funds, and card products and supports local environmental protection activities with a portion of the profits from the branch and additional funds.

Implementation of the NIE Energy Diary contest

DGB Financial Group has held the NIE Energy Diary Contest every year since 2009. This contest is designed to strengthen eco-friendly practices in daily life through NIE (Newspaper in Education: education with newspapers) and help implement environmental protection through creativity and integrated thinking skills and the creation of an environmental diary.

Since its fourth edition in 2012, the competition has been expanded from Daegu and the Gyeongbuk area to elementary, middle, and high school students nationwide.

DGB University Student Green Press Corps

Since 2010, DGB Financial Group has been running the DGB University Student Green Press Corps', the first of its kind to be launched by a domestic financial institution. Composed entirely of local university students, the team informs the local community of the various eco-friendly activities promoted by the DGB Financial Group.

The team has received training on environmental issues and the writing of articles from professional lecturers including environmental experts and NGOs, to equip them with the skills needed to raise public awareness of climate change and environmental issues.

Ullenungdo turk’s cap lily Ecological Restoration Project

DGB Financial Group organizes an annual visit to Dokdo by a group composed of local residents and staff members to promote the ecosystem restoration project of one of the world's rarest plant species, Ulleungdo turk’s cap lily.

In addition, we are striving to restore the local ecology through such activities as the sea lion (hair seal) and abalone restoration project with the profits of the Daegu Bank Cyber Dokdo Branch, the first cyber branch of the Korean banking system.

Daegu Bank financial institution signs MOU to reduce greenhouse gas

Recognizing the importance of responding to climate change, Daegu Bank has signed an MOU with the Ministry of the Environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has developed various green financial products and environmental projects to that end.

DGB Anti-Desertification Forest Project in Mongolia

Since 2009, DGB Financial Group has created and managed forests planted to prevent desertification in the Mongomorit area of Mongolia. Since 2009, the Group has planted more than 60,000 pine trees, larch, and beech trees each year, especially since 2012, and more than 5,000 trees of vitamins have been planted to improve the income of local residents.

In addition, we have published the 2014 White Paper on DGB Desertification Prevention Forest Creation and carried out such initiatives as providing scholarships to local students, donating winter clothes, and providing wells for drinking water.