Social Contribution

We put into practice warmhearted finance, sharing dreams and happiness.

About DGB Social Contribution

Participation and Growth in Regional Communities

DGB Financial Group is promoting various social contribution projects to practice warm finance.

Social Welfare Services

상생금융실천 모금회 채용박람회 후원 급식봉사
  • Promoting social contribution by creating a 1% love sharing fund for the group's executives and employees
  • Operation of the 'DGB Companion Volunteer Group' consisting of group executives and employees
  • Promotion of comprehensive social welfare projects through the DGB Social Contribution Foundation
  • "DGB Happiness Dream Day" will be held for Family Month in May, Social Worker's Day in September, and Chuseok
  • Implementation of 'DGB BLUE WIND' to prevent heat damage
  • Sponsor of job fairs for local companies and young people
  • Sponsor of Onnuri gift certificates for Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays
  • Volunteer work for free meals for vulnerable groups and senior
  • End-of-year Hope Sharing Campaign Donates
  • Sponsor of Dalgubal Health Doctor Project
  • Sponsor of Social Contribution Idea Contest
  • Social worker support project (DGB healing trip, healing concert, warm social worker award, etc.)
  • Sponsor of job support projects for the senior
  • Sponsor of crime victim support projects
  • Neighbor Love Hope Dream Operation (via iM Shop and Instagram)

Culture / Arts / Sports Business

메세나iM뱅크오픈 아마추어 야구대회 개최 장애인 성악 콩쿠르 걷기대회 후원 및 임직원 참가
  • Sponsor of professional sports clubs (Samsung Lions, Daegu FC)
  • DGB Financial Group (iM Bank) Open Held
  • DGB Financial Group Chairman's Cup Amateur Baseball Tournament Held
  • Group's Collection of Art Exhibitions Held
  • Sponsor of National Vocal Competition for the Disabled
  • Sponsor of Solarsian Youth Orchestra by Daegu Concert House
  • DGB Blue Bird Children's Choir Operated
  • DGB Gallery offers culture and arts exhibition space by free
  • Publishing of Local Love Magazine 'Hometown and Culture'
  • Sponsor of local marathons, walking competitions, and participation of executives and employees

Education / Scholarship Business

체험형 금융교육 대구은행장학문화재단 장학금 전달식 DGB독도사랑 골든벨 개최 어린이 미술공모전
  • Scholarship Project through DGB Daegu Bank Scholarship Culture Foundation
  • Sponsor of the Korea Scholarship Foundation's Blue Lighthouse Scholarship
  • Financial education conduct by the 'DGB Financial Education Volunteer Group' composed of executives and employees of DGB Daegu Bank
  • Experiential financial education is provided through the DGB Financial Experience Park and the DGB Daegu Bank Financial Museum
  • Sponsor of Social Welfare Debate for University Students
  • Sponsor of the School Development Fund for the Development of Schools in the Region
  • DGB Dokdo Love Golden Bell Held
  • DGB Daegu Bank Children's Art Contest Held
  • DGB National Elementary, Middle and High NIE Energy Diary Contest held
  • DGB School Violence Prevention Contest Held

My Hometown Charity

재해지역 봉사활동 호국보훈의 달 맞이 봉사활동 벽화그리기 봉사활동
  • Volunteer work in disaster areas (water damage, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Volunteer work in rural
  • Kimchi and briquette sharing
  • Free meal volunteer work
  • Executives and employees donate blood
  • volunteer work in mural painting
  • Volunteer work in Yeongcheon National Cemetery

Environmental Sector

마라톤 참석 생활체육 야구대회 장애인 성악 콩쿠르
  • Plogging volunteer work
  • Spring Flower Plantation in Shincheon Riverside
  • Planting of trees for honeybees
  • Funding for forest fire damage
  • Local children's invitation to host environmental concert at headquarters
  • Held DGB E-HERO Family Camp
  • Sponsor for the replacement of eco-friendly food bank vehicles
  • Dokdo Love Campaign

Global Sector

DGB글로벌캠프 DGB글로벌캠프 DGB글로벌캠프
  • DGB Global Volunteer (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia)
  • Held the 'DGB Indochina Dream League'
  • Maintenance of educational facilities and playgrounds in elementary schools
  • Educational materials and computer equipment support


DGB따뜻한사회복지사상 DGB대구사회복지사상
  • DGB Social worker award
  • DGB Daegu social worker award
  • DGB Daegu Bank righteous award
  • DGB teenager Volunteer award