About DGB Financial Group

DGB Financial Group thinks of the customer and the environment.

Vision and Strategy

Best Partner Building the Future Together

DGB Financial Group is preparing to set sail toward another 50 new years.


Management Philosophy

Sharing with Community in Dreams and Prosperity

Management Vision

Best Partner Building the Future Together

Management Policy
Field-Centric management

Prioritization of customer value, Realization of sympathy and communication, Field-oriented organizational culture

Precision management

Focus on basics and principles, Practice of social responsibility, Protection of customer value

Future management

Diversification of business portfolio, Expansion of sales network, Brand value level-up


Management Goals, DGB makes a new start for the next 50 years
  • Crisis response strategy (competitiveness innovation) : Asset management competitiveness UP, Customer value level UP, Non-banking sector competitiveness UP
  • Future response strategies (new growth engine) :Digital financial infrastructure, Expansion of global & metropolitan area bases, Diversification of group business
  • DGB Be One (group unification, synergy) : Promotion of group integration, Generation of synergy on site, Reduction of synergy costs

Core Values

DGB’s Core Values
Service : A warm company that promotes a culture of communication among its employees and serves its customers and local communities.
Honesty : A company that builds solid trust based on honesty and ethics and serves as a model for customers, communities, and even finance.
Passion : A dynamic company that creates new values based on creative thinking and ownership.