ESG Strategy

DGB Financial Group will realize 'the world everyone dreams of through friendly finance' by leading impact finance that creates environmental and social values.

Group Mission

Create a world everyone dreams of through firendly finance

ESG vision

Lead the way in the 'new normal' era through ESG management

ESG strategic goals

Achieve sustainability management finace performance with ESG as the basis

ESG strategic direction
Environment Increase green finance

Create a system to address climate change risks

Expand eco-friendly investments and loans

Consolidate coporate environmental responsibility for financial products and services

Become a leader in achieving 'carbon neutrality by 2050'

Social Reinfoce socially responsible finance

Expand financial inclusion

Increase mutual prosperity and partnership management

Respect the human rights and diversity of stakeholders

Lead the initiative for digital transformation in the financial industry

Governance Intesify impact finance

Complete the ESG-based governance

Expand ESG-related performance assessment

Reinforce communication with stakeholders

Consolidate compliance culture based on autonomy and responsibility