Sustainability Management

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

About Sustainability Management

Working Toward Dreams and Prosperity, Together with the Communities

We are putting in effort toward strengthening business capabilities in order to produce sustainable results.


DGB Financial Group established five strategic directions and ten strategic projects in line with its management policy and sustainability management strategy to realize its management philosophy of "Sharing Dreams and Prosperity Together with the Community" and its group vision of "Best Partner Building the Future Together".

DGB Financial Group is continuing to strengthen its actual practice by deriving concrete implementation tasks for each of the ten strategic projects and establishing goals and systematic performance management according to a set of performance indicators.

Strategy Direction

Management Philosophy

Sharing with Community in Dreams and Prosperity

Management Vision

Best Partner Building the Future Together

Management Policy
  • Field-Centric management : Prioritization of customer value, Realization of sympathy and communication, Field-oriented organizational culture
  • Precision management : Focus on basics and principles, Practice of social responsibility, Protection of customer value
  • Future management : Diversification of business portfolio, Expansion of sales network, Brand value level-up
Sustainability Management Strategy
Future Strategic Management
  • 1 Creation of Sustainable Performance
    • - Expanding the sales network in Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and other areas
    • - Strengthening research activities to improve the group’s response to market changes
  • 2 Sound Governance
    • - Securing the independence and transparency of the board of directors
    • - Strengthening sustainability management committee activities
Customer satisfaction management
  • 3 Creation of Customer Value
    • - Improving accessibility by type of stakeholder
    • - Strengthening IT security and preventing financial accidents
    • - Operating educational programs for sustainable consumption
  • 4 Sustainable Finance
    • - Promoting sustainable development and sales of socially responsible financial products
- Strengthening organizational capacity
  • 5 Fostering and Supporting Human Resources
    • - Strengthening the human resource fostering system
    • - Fair performance evaluation and compensation system
  • 6 Employee Happiness Management
    • - Building the human rights management system
    • - Creating a work environment that promotes a harmonious work-life balance
- Risk management
  • 7 Risk and Change Management
    • - Establishment of the integrated risk management system
    • - Compliance with the code of ethics and strengthening ethical management activities
  • 8 Strengthening Environmental Management
    • - Efficient use of resources and strengthening climate change response activities
    • - Promotion of an enterprise-wide environmentally-friendly culture and awareness
Creating Shared Values
  • 9 Win-Win Management
    • - Establishment of environment conducive to mutual growth with partners
    • - Support for CSR training and capacity building of partner companies
  • 10 Community Engagement and Development
    • - Community-based social contribution activities
    • - Strengthening of social contribution programs to reflect financial business characteristics

ESG Ratings


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Year Integrated Rating E S G
2020 A+ A A+ A+
2019 B+ A A B+
2018 B+ A B+ B+