ESG Strategy & Research Institute

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

About ESG Strategy & Research Institute

The Think Tank of DGB Financail Group

The ESG Strategy & Research Institute serves as a think tank dedicated to promoting the sustainable growth of DGB Financial Group and direction of development.

Main Business Areas

  • Future strategy
    • Research on group management strategy support
      and developmental directions
    • Discovery of new growth engines and strengthening of synergy
    • Analysis of financial trends and overseas advanced cases
    • Research on customers, channels, and financial products;
    • provision of management information
  • Macro finance
    • Analysis of financial markets (exchange rates, stock prices, interest rate forecasts, etc.)
    • The financial industry
    • Research on the revitalization of regional finance and the developmental direction of local banks
  • Industry analysis
    • Industry analysis by business
    • Research on local economy and industry
      (construction and operation of forecasting model, etc.)
  • ESG management
    • Promotion of ESG management at the group level
    • Publication of the ESG(sustainability) management report
    • 환경경영 이행
      (기후변화대응 총괄, 온실가스 인벤토리 관리 등)
    • Management of the global ESG management network
    • Research on ESG management (CRS, CSV)
    • Support ESG Committee
  • ESG finance
    • ESG금융 정책 수립 및 운영 총괄
    • Operation of the ESG finance system and programs
    • Introductory study on ESG finance
    • Provision of information on ESG industry and technology trends