DGB Economic Research Institute

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

About DGB Economic Research Institute

The Think Tank of DGB Financail Group

The DGB Economics Research Institute serves as a think tank dedicated to promoting the sustainable growth of DGB Financial Group and regional economic development.

Main Business Areas

  • Future strategy
    • Research on group management strategy support
      and developmental directions
    • Discovery of new growth engines and strengthening of synergy
    • Analysis of financial trends and overseas advanced cases
    • Research on customers, channels, and financial products;
    • provision of management information
  • Macro finance
    • Analysis of financial markets (exchange rates, stock prices, interest rate forecasts, etc.)
    • The financial industry
    • Research on the revitalization of regional finance and the developmental direction of local banks
  • Industry analysis
    • Industry analysis by business
    • Research on local economy and industry
      (construction and operation of forecasting model, etc.)
    • Research on local real estate
  • Sustainability management
    • Promotion of sustainability management at the group level
    • Publication of the sustainability management report
    • Management of the global sustainability management network
    • Research on sustainable management (CRS, CSV)
    • Operation of the CEO forum
  • Green finance
    • Promotion of green banking
    • Operation of the green finance system and programs
    • Introductory study on green finance and GREEN BIZ
    • Provision of information on green industry and technology trends

If you would like to receive the materials published by the DGB Economics Research Institute by e-mail, please contact the manager at :