Sustainability Management

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

Green Management

Green Management: Respecting the Future, People, and the Environment

DGB Financial Group is seeking out various action plans that can strengthen green management activity through green management support as well as the adoption of guidelines into company regulations.


DGB Financial Group aims to enhance its brand image as a model of environmental management practices, strengthen its capacity to promote carbon management, and lay solid foundations for new revenue generation in the future.

Strategic direction
Climate change response : Environmental performance management
Important issues
Climate change : Energy consumption reduction and Renewable energy use

Green Management Policy

DGB Financial Group aims to fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute to the preservation of the global environment by promoting continuous improvements in order to minimize its impact on the environment, resource energy, and greenhouse gas, and by taking the green management aspect in all of its management activities into consideration.

Green management promotion system
Green Management policy

Green management goals (energy and resources, green purchasing, etc.)

Green Management Regulations (Chapter 5, Section 109 supplementary provision)
Chapter 1 General Rules, Chapter 2 Green Management System, Chapter 3 Planning, Chapter 4 Implementation and Operation, Chapter 5 Checks and Corrective Actions
Green management related guidelines (13)
Green management policy management guidelines, Green management assessment guidelines, Green management regulation management guidelines, Green management education and training guidelines, Green management improvement plan management guidelines, Communication guidelines, Green management document management guidelines, Green management operation management guidelines, Emergency preparedness and response guidelines, Monitoring and measurement guidelines, Corrective and preventive action guidelines, Green management record management guidelines, Management review guidelines
Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System
  • Responsible for climate change response, Sustainability committee chairperson: Chairman
    • Practical responsibility (Director of green finance)
      • Activity data collection (bank general affairs department, channel planning department / subsidiaries)
      • Activity data collection (bank general affairs department)
      • Estimation of emissions (DGB Economics Research Institute)
      • Inventory management (Bank IT operation department)
    • Practice (Green finance)