About DGB Financial Group

DGB Financial Group thinks of the customer and the environment.


Anytime, Anywhere Be With Onepass

DGB U Pay is providing even more conveniences to the users with social responsibilities.

Dong-Kwan Park
  • CEO Dong-Kwan Park
  • Date of Establishment Dec. 27, 1999
  • Address 9th floor Dongil Building, 2503 Dalgubeol street, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City (Beomeo-dong)
  • Phone no. 080-427-2342
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  • Main Business Issuing and managing prepaid electronic payment means, payment gateway

DGB U-Pay has developed and built an electronic payment system for life as a whole and provides safe and convenient services in various fields including micro payment, access control and security based on the transportation infrastructure ( bus, subway, taxi).

We will continue doing our very best to enhance the happiness of local residents as a corporation that fulfills its social responsibilities as well as guaranteeing convenience for all citizens who use the electronic payment system of DGB U-Pay Co., Ltd. Thank you!