Ethical management

DGB Whistle-blow System (Anonymity)

Towards handling cases of illegal activity, improper bahavior, or sexual harassment among DGB Financial Groupe employees fairly and promptly,operating Whistle-blow sysyem

In any cases of noticing internal illegalities, all executives and employees of the group can report them.
Please do not hesitate to do it by pressing the button below.

Notifiable acts

  • Acts of criminal charges, such as embezzlement, breach of trust, blackmail, theft, bribery, private financing arrangements, unfair acts related to savings, escape of property, etc.
  • Acts of violation of either law of real name financial transaction or anti-money laundering laws.
  • Act of neglect the prevention of financial accidents
  • Financial accident due to a violation of company regulations
  • Act of giving unfair orders or any violation done by one's superior which is related to one's task
  • Sexual harassment
  • An act that causes loss to the company on purpose or by negligence
  • Other illegal or unjust handling of duties and acts deemed to be signs of accidents;

How to Whistle-blow

  • Via e-mail or DGB Whistle-blow System (Anonymity)
  • E-mail address :