Sustainability Management

DGB Financial Group is growing together with the customer, creating sustainable value.

Materiality Analysis Results

Futuristic Strategical Management for the Production of Sustainable Results

DGB Financial Group is working hard to grow and improve sustainable management by setting up a sustainable management committee.

DGB Financial Group divided its issues into social, environmental and governance issues to ensure balanced reporting, selected 15 issues with five issues having a high average score in materiality assessment in each area as important issues for the Group, and configured the contents of the report. The issues in which Group employees and stakeholders were most interested in 2016-2017 were related to stakeholder confidence, stakeholder communication, and FinTech.

Materiality Assessment MATRIX

Materiality of Stakeholders, Materiality of Impact on DGB Financial Group

  1. Reliable relationship with stakeholders
  2. Strengthening of stakeholder communication
  3. FinTech
  4. Ethical management, Crisis management, Governance related capabilities
  5. Establishment of infrastructure to provide financial services
  6. Strengthening of IT security and increased demands for the prevention of financial transaction accidents
  7. Loyalty and motivation to improve performance (leadership, management, cooperation)
  8. Customer privacy
  9. Financial capital for providing financial services
  10. Reputation and brand
  11. Increase in number of consumers who value environmental-friendliness, society, and health
  12. Utilization of natural resources
  13. Operation of the eco-friendly management system
  14. Environmental Impact of products and services
  15. Development of environmental financial products