About DGB Financial Group

DGB Financial Group thinks of the customer and the environment.

CEO’s Message

DGB makes a new start for the next 50 years

We will make our next leap forward to become an ‘Excellent Comprehensive Financial Group!’

Chairman of DGB Financial Group, In-Kyu Park


I would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of our customers and shareholders for their unwavering love and support for DGB Financial Group.

Established in 2011, DGB Financial Group has grown into a comprehensive financial group with seven subsidiaries including DGB Daegu Bank, DGB Life, DGB Capital, DGB Asset Management, DGB Upay, DGB Data System and DGB Credit Information.

In the near future, DGB Financial Group will make another leap forward to become an excellent comprehensive financial group, and will do its utmost to become your best partner and create a better future for all.

Please keep an eye on the DGB Financial Group’s efforts to meet both your expectations and those of our shareholders. May love and happiness always be with you!

Thank you.

Born in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk on January 16, 1954Joined DGB Daegu Bank in 1979, and became the second chairman of DGB Financial Group after successively serving as the Manager of the Seoul Sales Department, General Manager, and Senior Executive Vice President.Appointed Chairman of Daegu Bank in 2014


  • 1972.02 Graduated from Daegu Commercial High School
  • 1977.02 Graduated from the Department of Trade, Yeungnam University
  • 1992.08 Graduate from the School of Finance (Business Administration), Hanyang University

Work Experience

  • 1979.07 Joined Daegu Bank
  • 2001.02 Appointed as manager of the Seoul Office, Daegu Bank
  • 2006.01 Appointed as manager of the Seoul Sales Department, Daegu Bank
  • 2007.12 Appointed as General Manager, Daegu Bank (Gyeongbuk headquarters 1)
  • 2009.12 Appointed as Executive Vice President, Daegu Bank (Strategic Finance Division)
  • 2010.12 Appointed as Senior Executive Vice President, Daegu Bank (Head of the Marketing Group and the Public Finance Division)
  • 2011.12 Appointed as Senior Executive Vice President, Daegu Bank (Head of the Support Group and the Sales Support Division)
  • 2012.12 CEO of Daekyung TMS
  • 2014.03 (Current) Chairman of Daegu Bank


  • 2001.12 Financial Industry Development Merit (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy)
  • 2004.12 Financial Industry Development Merit (Commendation of the Financial Supervisory Service)