About DGB Financial Group

DGB prepares for a better future with warm finance.

CEO’s Message

We will become a 'financial group that creates the world' that all of our stakeholder such as shareholders, employee, customer and local area dream of with warm finance

DGB Financial Group CEO Kim Tae-oh

Dear Stakeholders,
It is an honor to introduce myself as the CEO of DGB Financial Group.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and shareholders for unwavering support and encouragement to our DGB Financial Group.

DGB Financial Group, which was launched in 2011, has grown into a comprehensive financial group with ten subsidiaries of DGB Daegu Bank, HI Investment&Securities, DGB Life, DGB Capital, Hi Asset Management, DGB U Pay, DGB Data System and DGB Credit Information, Hi Investment Partners, Newsystock. This accomplishment is based on the trust of customers and shareholders.

All employees of DGB Financial Group will do our best to grow into a leading financial group in Korea that continues to fulfill our mission "Make the world everyone's dreaming of with warm finance".

I hope that you will continue to give us your trust and support for the DGB Financial Group's efforts to leap forward in a new way.

With best wishes for the health and happiness of you and your family.

CEO Profile

DGB Financial Group CEO Kim Tae-oh


1978.02Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration, Yonsei University


2005.01Deputy Executive Vice President, Hana Bank(Household Management Planning Division)

2006.01Deputy Executive Vice President, Hana Bank(Card Division)

2006.09Director, Hana Financial Group(Risk Management, Group Synergy)

2008.03Executive Vice President, Hana Financial Group(HR, Communication, Public Relation)

2009.01Executive Vice President, Hana Bank(Representative of Yeongnam Business Division)

2011.01Executive Vice President, Hana Bank(Representative of Customer Support Division)

2012.03CEO, Hana HSBC Life

2014.03Advisory Board member, Hana HSBC Life

2019.01President, DGB Daegu Bank (01.2019 ~ 09.2020)

2018.05Chairman and CEO, DGB Financial Group (05.2018 ~ )